Water Treatment and Purification Experts

We’re a company of people with a purpose. Whether we are innovating the newest water treatment technologies or educating our dealer network about the latest water quality challenges, we operate our business with the clearest of intentions–to make life better for those who trust us with their water.

Staying true to our roots.

From the beginning, our family has made a commitment to yours–to take the worry and frustration out of your water quality. After all, we were experiencing the same anxiety around our own water purity and struggled with the same hard water effects that you might be facing. So when we decided that our one and only mission was to improve your quality of life by improving water quality, it wasn’t long before we were leading the way in product innovation with products like the Reionator, all while delivering unparalleled customer service for families and dealers alike. That tends to happen when you believe wholeheartedly in what you’re doing.

Over the last 25 years, our family-run business mentality has helped us stay focused on providing unmatched water quality to our customers. This has given us the direction we need to continually pioneer new technologies, build even stronger dealer relationships and make a difference in the lives of those who trust us with their water.

A network of relationships.

Speaking of our dealer network, we’re a close-knit group who knows how important it is to treat each and every customer like family. Our dealers are the backbone of our business, which is why we deeply value each and every dealer relationship by giving them the support they need to operate at their best. Yet, we’re a pretty demanding bunch when it comes to the dealers we invite into our network. Each must embrace the values we live by every day. Since the start, we’ve built WaterTech on integrity and relationships, not company growth or profits. Our dealers must mirror these same convictions.

One thing is for sure. If you decide to install a WaterTech treatment system, you can rest assured that all of us at WaterTech are looking out for your water quality as if it were our own. Looking for a WaterTech Dealer? Click here.

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