About Watertech


WaterTech Management Team – Gens, Bryce, and Isaac
Over 30 years in business – a team of personable WQA trained water experts and technicians that support and train relentlessly to ensure our dealers’ success. Whether we are innovating the newest water treatment technologies or educating our dealer network about the latest water quality challenges, we operate our business with the clearest of intentions – to make life better for those who trust us with their water.


It takes a special set of competencies to be a WaterTech dealer, and not just any dealer can join our network. We are as selective about our partners as we are committed to making the best performing products. This standard goes far and above a dealer’s capability to market and merchandise WaterTech’s products. It is rooted in a careful analysis of each dealer’s values to ensure they mirror our own, including honesty, integrity, hard work, customer service excellence, and transparency. Continuing and consistent training of our dealers, in service and product training, ensure the very best for every WaterTech customer.

Made in America – Built Texas Tough

Different in many ways

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Best-in-industry systems and components, backed by a solid company that’s been in business for over 30 years.
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The renowned UPC symbol certifies that WaterTech products meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards, giving customers confidence they are getting the best products.
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WaterTech products are hand-built by craftsmen in our Texas factory using the very best components and techniques in the industry.
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Innovative and proprietary branded products provide water treatment capabilities way beyond simple water softening and are available only through authorized Dealers.
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WQA Certified Staff
Water Quality Association Certified staff that is consistently up-to-date and trained to provide the best product support to our dealer network.
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Best in Class Warranty
The strongest warranties in the industry on valves, tanks, resins, and electronics. WaterTech believes in their products and stands behind them.


What our dealers & customers are saying about us:
Mark & Madelyn Shmidt
Long Island Clean Water
WaterTech has got it right! Their products are reliable and their service amazing. They realize that the dealer is their customer and know how to make us feel important and appreciated. On every level support is readily provided and available. It’s no wonder they are growing and their dealers are growing along with them.
Derek Sadjak
Aqua Science
We have been in the water treatment industry for more than 30 years and provide service for more than 2,000 customers every month and have worked with many manufacturers over the years. WaterTech has risen above the competition and is the BEST vendor we have ever worked with.
Dave Pehl
Fogle Pump and Supply
By far The Reionator is the best and most advanced water softener/conditioner that is on the market today. State of the art equipment, with a lifetime warranty, that I would recommend it to everyone looking to improve the quality of their water, way beyond what a standard water softener does!
Mark Hulbert
Best Water In Utah
I became a WaterTech dealer in 1991. WaterTech offers top-quality products, as well as excellent technical and product support. They have shown great loyalty to me and my dealership and have become not only a company that I trust for quality, but have supported me as I grow my business.
Jeff Finkle
Horizon Services
We couldn’t be happier with WaterTech products, customer service, and professionalism. We proudly offer The Reionator series! With the systems’ unique capabilities and strong lifetime warranty, our clients go out of their way to tell us how satisfied they are with their WaterTech system.
Gary & Nancy Anderson
Alpine Water Tech
WaterTech has been an amazing company to work with! The Reionator has been our top selling product for over 15 years; the benefits are unmatched. The ultimate in technology and integrity.
Joe Mills
J Mills Plumbing
Great company! I can say from experience that WaterTech products are simply the best. The Reionator is simply unmatched in quality, reducing chlorine, iron, softening water and more – all inside of 1 tank. I have put one into my in-laws and parents’ homes. They love their Reionators.
Joe Thames
Bosworth Company
The Bosworth Company takes pride in knowing that we have always striven to supply the best quality equipment to our customers. WaterTech has been a tremendous help to our company by supplying the high-end, quality water treatment products our customers demand.
Vic Bachman
Mike Bachman Plumbing
WaterTech softeners are a great addition to our company. The Reionator is one of the best-selling products we offer. I have one in my own home and I wouldn’t want to be without it. WaterTech stands behind all their products with industry best warranties and they are always there when I need them.