Why Watertech?

The choice is clear.

WaterTech, as a company, is as transparent as the water we purify. We wear our intentions on our sleeve. Our job is to innovate and manufacture water treatment solutions that bring peace of mind to our customers.

The Watertech Difference
Considering we’ve built and continue to build our business on relationships, our dealers are the mainstay of our mission. Often we hear that we exceed expectations when it comes to the tools we provide for marketing and sales support. When you choose a dealer within our network, they are the voice for our calling and reflect our conviction–to make a difference in our customers’ lives each and every day.

WaterTech’s exclusive product, the Reionator, leads the industry in water conditioning not only because it softens water, but also because it simultaneously eliminates the unpleasant smell and taste associated with chlorine. The Reionator is the result of our commitment to innovation, which continues to differentiate WaterTech from the flooded market of water treatment systems that are out there. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

To learn more about WaterTech, please take a look at our Company Brochure.