Specialty PRODUcTS


RO PurePro QC

RO Pure Pro Filter System

The RO PurePRO QC (Quick Connect) drinking water system, installed at point-of-use, has four stages of filtration ensuring fresh, clean tasting drinking water. Impurities are removed and contaminants are reduced, benefitting your life in every way possible.


SaltFreeMax Water Tank

The SaltfreeMAX Water Conditioner provides whole-house prevention of scale buildup and stops hard water scale from forming without salt, electricity or wasted water. It also protects your plumbing and household appliances from problematic scale buildup for a longer life span. Lessen the buildup and lessen your impact.


SorbMax Water Tank

For whole-house water filtering that leaves your water tasting better, look no further than the SorbMAX– a superior system designed to effectively reduce or remove chlorine, chlorinated byproducts, dissolved organic contaminants (including synthetic organic chemicals), foul odors and other troublesome contaminants that affect water quality.

Sorbmax Plus

SorbMax Plus Water Tank

A whole-house filter system designed to give you great tasting water by effectively reducing or removing chloramines/chlorine and their associated byproducts, dissolved organic contaminants (including synthetic organic chemicals), pharmaceuticals, emerging contaminants and other tastes and odors that make water not so great.


BlueMax Water Filter

This simple and easy-to-maintain cartridge filtration system economically reduces sediment, dirt and sand to provide better, clearer water for your home an family.