SALTFREEMAX Water Conditioner

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Prevent scale. Protect Mother Earth.

The SaltfreeMAX Water Conditioner provides whole-house prevention of scale buildup and stops hard water scale from forming without salt, electricity or wasted water. It also protects your plumbing and household appliances from problematic scale build-up for a longer life span. Lessen the buildup and lessen your impact. For more information on SaltfreeMAX, click on our diagram to see how it works, or download the SaltFreeMAX Brochure.  

Eliminating scale just got easier and more environmentally friendly.

Prevents Hard Water Scaling

Reduce scale buildup by up to 95% (when compared to no treatment at all). Protect the life of your water appliances, including ice makers, dishwashers, coffee makers and more, by preventing hard water scale buildup.

Removes Existing Scale Buildup

If scaling has already formed in pipes or water appliances, the SaltfreeMAX will also help de-scale existing buildup, improving the water flowing through your home and prolonging the lifespan of appliances.

No Slippery Feel

The advanced technology of the SaltfreeMAX does not leave behind the slippery feeling on skin that often occurs with a typical water softener.

Extremely Environmentally Friendly

The SaltfreeMAX uses no electricity, no chemical additives and wastes no water. Our simple, straightforward system operates with an absolute minimal environmental footprint.

Cost Effective

With no ongoing salt or additives to purchase, the SaltfreeMAX provides total scale protection 24/7.

Virtually Maintenance Free

With no electronics, no moving parts and no salt to replace, the SaltfreeMAX operates efficiently and accurately day after day with virtually nothing to worry about. BACK TO TOP

De-scale without worry.

System Benefits

  • No salt to be added to the system
  • Prevents scale buildup
  • De-scales existing buildup
  • No electricity required
  • No wasted water
  • No slippery feel left on skin
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Adds nothing to the water, takes nothing away

More reasons to own.

System Advantages

  • No moving parts, meters, or motors to wear out
  • Simple test kit indicates whether system is functioning properly to prevent scale buildup
  • Designed to work with high hardness levels up to 25 gpg. (Higher rates available. Ask your dealer for more information).
  • Simple installation with no electric programming needs
  • Bypass valve included
  • Flexible choice of plumbing connections and sizes
  • Media certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 61
  • Components certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 44 and/or 61

How it Works

  • Untreated water flows through an optional carbon pre-filter for improved taste, odor and chlorine removal, and protection of the SaltfreeMAX media.
  • Water flows down through tank center tube.
  • Water flows up through fluidized SaltfreeMAX media that causes calcium and magnesium (hardness ions) to form into nano-crystals.
  • Once bound in nano-crystals, these hardness minerals can’t scale or attach to anything in the home.
  • Scale-free water enters your home, preserving fixtures and appliances, while also saving water and energy. The system uses no electricity, regeneration chemicals, or regeneration water.


The environmentally friendly, worry-free, scale-reduction system that works. For more information, please see the SaltFreeMAX Brochure.

Taking Care of Your System


For more information, please view our SaltfreeMAX Owner’s Manual.

Get To Know Your System

The SaltfreeMAX is designed to be virtually maintenance free. There is no salt to replenish or routine maintenance to schedule. The SaltfreeMAX™ is not a water softener – Low or phosphate-free cleaning products are recommended to achieve optimum results. Modern surfactant or detergent based liquid soaps are preferred over old-fashioned caustic solid soaps. If your dishwasher is severely coated with scale at the time of installation, we recommend that you purchase a product like Jet-Dry® dishwasher cleaner to accelerate the cleaning. After this initial cleaning, the SaltfreeMAX™ should keep it clean. We also recommend that you drain your water heater tank. This should be done 30 to 60 days after SaltfreeMAX™ is installed, and again in one year. This is a good practice that can dramatically increase the life of your water heating appliance. The SaltfreeMAX™ will help keep the tank and heating elements free of scale and operating at peak efficiency. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions when draining the water heater tank!


During the first 30-90 days: Faucet aerators and drains may plug occasionally as old scale is removed from your existing plumbing system and water heater. You may also see milky water while the descaling is taking place. This is simply an increase in the calcium in the water because SaltfreeMAX™ is removing old scale deposits from your pipes. The SaltfreeMAX™ media is an exhaustive media and will need to be replaced every 3-5 years based on the hardness level of the water supply. In order to check if your media needs to be replaced, WaterTech offers a simple inexpensive test that indicates whether the system is functioning properly or not. Contact your local Authorized WaterTech Dealer for more information. BACK TO TOP
WaterTech confidently stands behind its water treatment products. The quality of your water is important to you, and confidence that you’ve made a good decision in water products is important to us. In fact, we’re so confident in our products that we offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

What Makes Our Warranty Better:

Local Representatives

Our warranties are valid if your WaterTech product is installed according to our recommendations and local codes. Your WaterTech Authorized Dealer will verify that the system is appropriate for your water conditions and will make sure your unit is installed properly for optimum performance. And if you have any questions down the road, you can depend on your Water Tech dealer to be a trusted resource.


Our products have continuously improved over the years and our warranties have always exceeded industry standards. We commit to you in writing that our products will function for a long time. That’s our confidence and pride in our products speaking.

Thousands in Use

Water Tech products have been sold worldwide for over 25 years. With literally hundreds of thousands of products in use, we know that our products will perform year after year. Our warranties are proof of this. For more warranty information, please see the SaltFree MAX Owner’s Manual. BACK TO TOP