Well water is often complicated and constantly changing. Your authorized WaterTech dealer may suggest an additional
complete water analysis to determine which product(s) are needed to best address your specific well water issues.

Iron Reduction

OxiMax Air

OxiMax Air Water Tank

A brilliant system that addresses ferrous/ferric iron and manganese while reducing smells that often accompany these minerals in water.


A foundational system targeted to effectively reduce and remove ferrous iron or manganese while simultaneously reducing water hardness and preventing scale buildup throughout your home.

Nitrate Reduction


NitroMax Water Tank

A superior water treatment system that effectively reduces nitrates while simultaneously reducing water hardness and preventing scale buildup throughout your home.

Taste & Odor

SorbMax Air

SorbMax Air Water Tank

The odor-stripping SorbMAX Air is designed to effectively reduce or remove hydrogen sulfide.  It can also strip away other bothersome contaminants including VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chlorine and chloramines. 


SorbMax Water Tank

A fundamental system designed to effectively reduce or remove chlorine, chlorinated byproducts, dissolved organic contaminants (including synthetic organic chemicals), foul odors and other troublesome contaminants that affect water quality.



NeuMax Water Tank

This critical system effectively neutralizes the pH in water with self-adjusting media to stop water-induced corrosion and staining.

Sediment Reduction


DeepMax Water Tank

This specialized and proven system reduces or removes troublesome sediment, dirt or sand that can compromise your water quality and reduce the life of your other water-using appliances.


BlueMax Water Filter

This simple and easy-to-maintain cartridge filtration system economically reduces sediment, dirt and sand to provide better, clearer water.



Viqua Filter System

This system provides economical, safe (Ultra Violet) UV purification so can trust that the water your family consumes is safe and free from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.