VIQUA Water Purifier

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Pure water starts with the purest of technology.

You hope your water quality is never in question, but if it is, you want the assurance of our VIQUA Systems. Engineered to eliminate variable water conditions, this environmentally conscious system uses ultraviolet light to clean the water flowing through your home. Easy to maintain, you can trust that the water your family consumes is safe and free from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy clean, safe, purified water distributed to every tap in your home.  Aging water infrastructures in many cities can lead to an increased risk of contamination.  Rest assured you’re protected from the potential of contaminated water supplies.

Protect Your Health

Eliminate the potential health threat microorganisms pose to you and your family.  VIQUA systems provide a safe solution against chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which cause thousands of documented health cases each year.

Environmentally Friendly

UV treatment is a safe, natural process. No chemicals are used and the taste of your water is not affected in any way. UV treatment promotes low energy consumption, about the same as a 40-watt light bulb.

Minimal Maintenance

Simple annual replacement of the UV lamp and occasional cleaning of the quartz sleeve that surrounds the UV lamp is all you’ll need to do to keep your VIQUA system working properly. BACK TO TOP


  • Eliminates the potential health threats microorganisms pose
  • Safeguards against potential water contamination and water boil advisories
  • Reduces the need for bottled water
  • Safe, natural process with no chemicals
  • Does not affect the taste of water

System Advantages

  • Compact design
  • Easy to install on existing plumbing
  • Simple to maintain
  • Full electrical safety validation and added safety features
  • Superior UV lamp power enabling higher treatment flow rates
  • Whole house or single faucet applications available
  • Third party disinfection performance validation

How it works

  • Water is purified as it runs through a chamber containing a UV lamp.
  • As water flows past the lamp, illness-causing microorganisms receive a lethal dose of UV energy that attacks their DNA and alters their ability to reproduce.
  • Harmful bacteria and viruses are inactivated.


If you want UV Water purification and filtration right at the faucet, this is the VIQUA model for you. For more information, please see the VIQUA VT4-DWS11 Brochure.


If you want UV water purification and filtration for your whole house, this is the VIQUA product for you! For more information, please see the VIQUA IHS22-E4 Brochure.


Our D4 model give you the unique solutions that you need to keep your water safe and pure. For more information, please see the VIQUA D4 Brochure.

Taking Care of Your System

For more information on VIQUA systems, please view one of our brochures:


Get To Know Your System

  • Routine filter and lamp replacements will ensure optimal system performance.  The filters should be replaced every 6-9 months, UV lamps should be replaced once a year. Filter lifespan may vary upon local water conditions and usage, but lamps should be replaced annually.
  • For specific instructions on filter and membrane replacements, please refer to the Owner’s Manual.
Viqua is the world’s largest supplier of UV water purification systems for homes.  We are committed to ensuring your experience with these products exceeds your expectations.  The UV purification systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.
  • UV Lamp – 1 Year Warranty
  • Ballast – 3 Year Warranty
  • Chamber – 10 Year Warranty
For more warranty information, please see the Owner's Manual of your specific product by clicking on the "Models" tab above. BACK TO TOP